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[MV Review] EXO’s Growl
Oke, Suho the only one who was 'gif' xD
Assalamualaikum, Annyeong :D Hello ! :3

This song is so amazing . awesome xD Upon first listen I was like “THIS IS AMAZING. THERE IS A LORD.”

There won’t be many screen shots because this was pretty much a dance video, but I heard that SM has other versions of the MV they plan to release. I am so excited guys.

The song was just perfect. From start to finish just great. I have no complaints. It’s one unified perfect piece that is completely satisfying.
The choreography. When has EXO had bad choreography (bad in the sense that it wasn’t impressive)? Never. I love the dance. I love the way that the camera’s movement is utilized to follow the dance rather than doing unnecessary spins and turns to give me motion sickness. It matches with the song so well.It’s just so great that the choreography is able to use all twelve members efficiently. (I hope they continue to promote together from no on.)Furthermore, the way it was choreographed allowed each member reasonable screen time. That makes me happy.I also really like how they opened with Tao's cap in the camera zooming out and closed with Kai’s cap zooming in. Nice parallelism.
The really funny moment when Suho steps on Sehun toes xD HAHAHA xD That part are really funny
really love this part xD

 I have complaints however. The flashy lights. Stop it. It was really hard to see some of the boys’ faces at certain parts (like during the rap) and that really annoyed me. The only reason I even came to the conclusion that it was Chanyeol was by his deep and sexy voice. kekeke xD

It’s a great video nonetheless. Although it was nothing extravagant, I think that was all that was necessary. It was simple but simply perfect.

Anyone kind hearts to buy me the album? bbuing bbuing xD

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